Types of Background Checks


SSN trace

Provides a summary of the applicants name, name variations and previous addresses utilizing a database containing millions of records. This is the starting point for most investigations.

National criminal database search

A database search containing US court records sourced from county courts, law enforcement agencies and corrections agencies containing misdemeanor and felony cases. While this database is a nice start to an investigation, it can contain missing or incomplete information.  We recommend following this search with a county criminal search.

Statewide criminal record search

Available in 43 states, a statewide county search contains misdemeanor and felony cases for previous 10 years unless state mandate is 7 years. Because the state repository may not be real time and not all counties upload data to the database, a county criminal record search is recommended. 

county criminal search

Direct to source county court search for misdemeanor and felony court cases for previous 10 years unless otherwise noted. Based on the applicant's address, a researcher will be dispatched directly to the court to conduct the search.  This is considered the most accurate and up to date search available.

county civil record search

A search of upper and lower courts to report any civil litigation cases such as breach of contract, car accidents or business disputes.

federal criminal and civil search


Federal crimes are normally more serious and are not reported at the county or state level.  Federal crimes include money laundering, bank robbery, and identity theft.  Federal cases are grouped by state then by district.  Our researchers will search all federal district courts for the applicant's corresponding state.

Healthcare Sanctions Screening

Level 1

Meets the OIG’s minimum requirements for participation in federally funded programs and checks federal sources including: GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE and OFAC-SDN data (federal only).

Level 2

Searches the same sources as Level 1, but adds a search of state-level Medicaid exclusion lists and Medicare Opt-Out lists.

Level 3

Searches all Level 2 sources, plus state-level Board Disciplinary Actions sources and state-level Abuse Registries.

Healthcare Provider License Verifications & Continuous Monitoring also available.

International Background Checks

International Criminal Searches, Verification of Employment and Academic Status, Global ID Verification, and Global Security Check, in over 200 countries around the world.

Commercial Driver License Information System Search (CDLIS)

This is a nationwide CDL driver check search that locates the current commercial driver's license, and up to three prior licenses held by the driver. Offered by the Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) this nationwide database includes records by every state, and helps keep bad drivers from obtaining multiple driver's licenses.

PSP Crash & Inspection History

PSP records allow motor carriers to gather data about a driver's past highway crash and inspection history. Drivers who have records of frequent accidents and violations found during inspection may continue in this pattern.

motor vehicle report

MVR will provide a 3 to 5 year driving history and check to see if the candidate has a valid drivers license.

employment verification

A documented question-and-answer interview style conversation with human resources, payroll, office administration, or a manager, supervisor, subordinate or colleague consisting of a standard set of 5 questions. 

  • Title, position or role
  • Dates of employment
  • Compensation
  • Reason for termination
  • Eligibility for rehire

education verification

A verification of claimed educational degrees, diplomas or attendance, including date of attendance/graduation, degree earned and major if applicable.

social media search

A deep web search of any social media accounts associated with the given name and email address.